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Throwing Master Archetypes


Caveat: This is a rough template, getting thoughts on paper prior to playtesting. This character is likely overpowered using 5ed rules, and will require quite a bit more thought and effort prior to realizing him on the tabletop properly.

The goal is to make an alternate playstyle for the Rogue that emphasizes mid-ranged combat with thrown weapons. Sneak attack damage can be emphasized, but also anti-ranged abilities and supporting abilities are offered.

Things to do:
- Review base Rogue class abilities, decide if any of those combined with TM abilities are ‘too good’ and make changes to either ability to compensate.
- Review TM abilities to see if any are ‘Too good’ and make changes as necessary.
- Review TM abilities for appropriate levels of access.
- Review wording on all abilities for clarity of purpose, readability, and RAW.
- Identify trick shot tiers (Simple, Advanced, Expert) and which Tricks belong where.
- Possibly cut down/add more tricks. Don’t know the sweet spot yet.
- Gather advice and feedback from multiple playgroups.
- Rearrange abilities and definitions to standard order as they appear in the class guide.
- Add a background, history, and descriptive blurb.

*Throwing Master Archetype: Rogue Base Class

Modified items are presented, otherwise use the Rogue base class.

Class Table
Level Features
3rd Throwing Master Archetype, Specialized Weapon, Throwing Master Signs, Simple Trick Shot x2, Improved Critical
5th Throw Anything
6th Sustained Attack, Quick Draw, Simple Trick Shots x 2
9th Advanced Trick Shots x2, Snatch Projectiles
13th Reflexive Shot, Advanced/Simple Trick Shots x2
17th Return Fire, Expert Trick Shot x 1
20th Expert Trick Shot x 1

Throwing Master Signs: A specialized hand signal language to identify Throwing Masters to one another. Throwing Masters are an elite group of loose knit members who, through the use of these hand signals, can simultaneously identify one another and show off their flair for performance to one another.

Specialized Weapon: Pick any simple or martial weapon that can be thrown using the finesse skill. You gain +1 to attack and damage rolls with this weapon when throwing non-magical versions. This bonus increases by 1 at level 9, and 2 at level 17.

Throw Anything: Any small item can be thrown for lethal damage using a 1d4 if the item is small, or a 1d6 if the item has sharp points, protrusions, or edges. Add either your STR or DEX to damage rolls with these weapons.

Sustained Attack: Each consecutive attack after the first at the same target gives +1 attack and damage. This damage is sustained through separate rounds (I.E, one attack round 1 followed by 1 attack round 2 would net +1 attack and +1 damage).

Improved Critical: Your specialized thrown weapon gains a +1 critical threat range. (20 → 19). This bonus increases by one at level 9 and 17.

Quick Draw: As long as a throwing master is not incapacitated, restrained, or unconscious and has unrestrained use of his/her hands he is never considered unarmed and can produce his specialized weapon without any action cost.

Reflexive shot: If an opponent declares a ranged attack within non-modified throwing distance, as your reaction you can throw a single specialized throwing weapon at the target. The target, if damaged, must make a save DC equal to 1/2 Level + Damage dealt or they lose their attack action.

Return Fire: If the Throwing Master is unengaged and the target of a ranged attack, he/she may make a throwing weapon attack versus the attacker using an attack of opportunity prior to the attack roll.

Snatch Projectiles: If unengaged and aware of an incoming projectile, the Throwing Master may attempt to use a free hand to catch the projectile. The DC is a DEX check, DC equal to the attack roll +5.

Trick Shot: A trick shot must be declared prior to the attack roll. Trick shots use the Wit resource. Only one Trick Shot may be applied per attack unless specified otherwise. Sneak Attack damage is only applied to the first target hit if using a trick shot, or Sneak Attack die may be split between multiple targets struck. A trick Shot can only be used once per round.

Wit resource:
Starting Wit is equal to DEX modifier
Regain 1 Wit per kill
Regain 1 Wit per Crit
Regain all on each long rest, 1/2 per short rest.
Beginning at level 6, add your Proficiency to your Wit total.

Trick Shots

Simple Trick Shots: 1 Wit per use.

Ricochet: Use a single attack roll against two targets within 10 feet of each other. The thrown weapon hits both, if the attack roll succeeds versus both ACs.

Focused Shot: Improve the specialized thrown weapons critical threat by 1 for the first attack this round. Can be paired with Deadeye for 2 Wit total.

Deadeye: Improve the specialized thrown weapons critical multiplier by 1 for the next attack this round. Can be paired with Focused Shot for two Wit total.

Wrist Shot: Reflex save DC 8 + 1/2 Level + DEX. If the target fails the save, their readied weapon is dropped 5 feet away in a random direction.

Crippling Shot: DC 8 + 1/2 Level + DEX. If failed, the target has 1/2 movement for the next D3 + Proficiency rounds.

Forceful Shot: If this attack hits, add both your STR and DEX to the damage roll. This can be paired with Deadeye or Focused Shot.

Trip Shot: REF/CON save DC 8 + 1/2 Level + DEX. If failed, the target is knocked prone.

Palmed Shot: Throw two weapons simultaneously. Both attacks use the same attack roll, and they must attack the same target or a target adjacent to the original.

Split Shot: Using both hands, the Throwing Master may target separate attacks at any two targets. This can be paired with Deadeye, Focused Shot.

Far Shot: Double the effective thrown range of your specialized thrown weapon. This can be paired with Forceful Shot, Deadeye, or Focused Shot.

Advanced Trick Shots: 2 Wit per use.

Multiple Shot: This trick shot allows an additional attack at a -2 modifier. This shot can be combined with Deadeye, Far Shot, or Focused Shot.

Pinpoint Shot: The next shot ignores 1/2 and 3/4 cover. This can be combined with Deadeye, Focused Shot, or Far Shot.

Acrobatic Shot: If a Throwing Master is wearing light or no armor, he/she can make a single thrown attack at any point during an acrobatics or athletics check.

Deceitful Shot: Prior to this attack, the Throwing Master can make an opposed Deceit check. If it is successful, the target is denied their dexterity bonus to their AC.

Defensive Shot: While in a threatened square, a Throwing Master can spend a trick shot to make a throwing weapon attack roll versus an adjacent enemy, then move 1/2 movement without provoking attacks of opportunity from the attacks target.

Knife Sap: If an enemy is engaging the Throwing Master, he/she can make a Deceit check as their trick shot. If the Deceit(Sleight of Hand replacement?) roll is higher than the Perception roll, then the engaging enemy is Stunned for one round as they are one the receiving end of a knife hilt to the temple. This attack deals no damage.

Close-Quarters Shot
Making this trick shot while within 5 feet of an enemy doesn’t impose disadvantage on your roll.In addition, if you hit a creature within 5 feet of you with a ranged attack on your turn, that creature can’t take reactions until the end of this turn.

Assassins Shot: This trick shot increases the size of your Sneak Attack die by 1. (D6 → D8)

Expert Shots, 3 wit per Shot

Blinding Shot: Reflex Save DC 10+1/2 Level + DEX, if failed, target is blinded in one eye permanently. Increase the critical multiplier and threat range of this shot by 1. This attack can be combined with Deadeye and Focused Shot.

Triple Shot: the throwing Master can throw three weapons simultaneously. These weapons must target adjacent targets.

Improved Assassins Shot: Same as Assassins Shot, except increase the die size of your sneak attack by 2. (D6 goes to D10)


Throwing Master - Template

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