Rockwall is the last city of the Gnomes situated on a mountainous peninsula before a trade rich delta. Rockwall is a thriving city with humans, orcs, elves, and other races sharing the surface while the gnomes and dwarves share the under levels. 

Like every city, Rockwall has its' fair share of problems, as adventurers, guardsmen, political elite, religious leaders, and those blind enough to walk down dark alleys at night shall find out.

DM style and notes:

1) I will not say no to my players unless it directly contradicts the rules of the world. I.E, if there is no technological justification for Warforged or Artificers, then…well, no.

2) I adapt to my players, or I attempt to. If my players do not want to follow a story, then they don't. They want to spend an entire session drinking and punching dwarves in a tavern? Fine. If players enjoy my world, I'm satisfied. I do my level best to not railroad anybody. 

3) Help me help you. If I'm doing something incorrectly, or I'm detracting from the fun, let me know how to fix it. Constructive criticism should and will be asked for after every game, and I accept it in any format. 

4) Houserules are allowed and encouraged. Argue your case if there's something that's desired. I run pretty close to RAW unless there's a need to change something. All of my standard exceptions will be clearly provided prior to gaming. 


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